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Characteres et Politicas Various Populis

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In the Sixth Century, The Byzantine Emperor codified doctrine in a  manual called the “Strategikon” . of twelve books of which Book XI was entitled "Characteristics and Tactics of Various Peoples. His descriptions included such things as:

"the Western light-haired peoples are "bold and undaunted in battle. Daring and impetuous as they are, they consider any timidity and even a short retreat as a disgrace." These are qualities, as Luttwak points out, that give strength, but also tactical limitations".

The Strategikon describes the Persians as a people who obey their rulers out of fear. Its comments on the hardiness of Russian warriors sound like a description of 20th-century Russian soldiers. The book goes on to prescribe the strategies and tactics that worked or did not work against each of these potential enemies.  

He warned against chasing Germans into the woods where the ground favored German individual skill sets.


Drawn from Transactional Analysis (TA) and the Drama Triangle.
This drama template can be played solo, or internationally

The cry of an infant for help is the penultimate hot button
regardless of species

These Sea Turtles, like many species. produce hundreds of younglings
with instructions coded to get them into the water and safety.

These are ARM AND HAND signals for the infantry to remember what to look for
in somebody else's back yard

"It's da' bizness, Lenny, I always kind of liked you" - Kapow!

The lion on the left is suffocating his prey by clamping down on his nose & mouth,
the one in the middle is going for the spinal cords, while
the two on the right are going for a mobility kill

Mother, the most powerful being in the Universe

The lion on the right has deftly hooked the deer's back left leg at full speed ahead.

From Arn, Templar Knigjt, a Swedish film based on the life of a Swedish knight
who fought in the Crusades.

Templar Knight knighting ceremonies in the Grand Priory of St Joan of Arc,
conducted in Argentina and Mexico.

Arn's charge, Al Pacino fleeing as Richard III, and an Argentine equestrian competiton

The story of too many lives written in drama heroes and villains.

The TA Drama Triangle portrays three roles, by which Lucy and Charlie play,
each getting an emotional payoff

Hic desinit lectio

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